A Rated ErP Hot Water Cylinders

ERP Rating for Hot Water Cylinders

The introduction of the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive for Hot Water Cylinders in September 2015 has seen a rise in the number of enquiries from clients looking to achieve higher energy ratings to satisfy the demands of the more discerning clients.

And thanks to McDonald Engineers expertise in developing hot water solutions which meet the exact requirements of our clients, we are able to achieve an A Rating for virtually every type of indirect hot cylinder.

The ErP Directive means that all hot water cylinders with an output less than or equal to 70kW and a capacity of less than or equal to 500 litres must display an Energy Rating label showing its rating.

The rating provides a rating from A to G which is designed to give an indication of the hot water cylinders’ efficiency using a number of factors including capacity and the kWh heat loss.

But what is the difference between an A Rating and a C Rating?

Depending on the type of hot water cylinder and the capacity it holds, achieving an A Rating could be as straight forward as increasing the foam lagging from 50mm to 100mm, however it is often a little more complex especially for medium to large cylinders.

Our technical sales team have extensive experience in designing and developing specifications of hot water cylinders to deliver the most efficient and cost effective cylinder for your project.

And when you consider that an A-Rated unit can save over 1.5kWh per day compared to a C-Rated product, this will deliver substantial long term energy and financial savings over the lifetime of the cylinder.

Unfortunately, when it comes to direct cylinders, the parameters and guidelines set out by the EU mean that even a perfect electric cylinder, which never lost any heat, could only ever achieve a maximum of a C-Rating.  

This is because the EU has stated that electric heating must reflect the inefficiencies of fossil fuelled power generation and therefore applies a multiplier of 2.5 to the electrical usage in the efficiency calculation.

To find out how you could improve the energy rating of your next hot water cylinder, contact our technical sales team now.