Slimline Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Slimline Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

McDonald Engineers has designed and manufactured a slimline unvented hot water cylinder which has increased capacity from 120litres to 150litres and dramatically reduced the amount of floor space the cylinder required.

The client had recently purchased a bungalow which was approximately 30 years old and included a traditional vented 900 x 450mm cylinder with an electric shower.

As well as looking for additional capacity, the client was frustrated at the poor water pressure at the taps which was being caused by the low working head of a bungalow. 

McDonald Engineers’ technical sales team spent time discussing the client’s requirements before proposing a slimline unvented cylinder which measured 400mm in diameter by 1850mm in height to deliver a capacity of 150 litres.

The existing Ideal Mexico boiler was to be kept in action so a high efficiency finned copper coil measuring 8 linear metres was also specified in the cylinder which was designed to minimise the recovery time, improve the efficiency of the boiler which in turn reduced the long term running costs.

The unvented system also enabled the client to have mains pressure throughout the property, meaning power showers and fast filling baths.

The client was delighted with the finished solution, commenting “The difference is amazing. We seem to have endless hot water whenever we need it and we still have ample shelving in our airing cupboard.” 

David Stewart, from McDonald Engineers’ technical sales team said “These are exactly the type of jobs we love to get involved in as it really shows off our core strengths. Our flexible manufacturing process means that we don’t have to stick with standard sizes. Instead we can tailor the cylinder to the exact requirements of the client. So in this case, the customer has more hot water, they can have a really good shower and there is still plenty of space for the household essentials like a mop and a hoover!”

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