Horizontal Hot Water Cylinders for Boutique Hotel

Horizontal Cylinder for Meldrum Hotel, Ceres

The Open Golf Championship returned to St Andrews in 2015 and saw thousands of golf fans from around the world descend upon the Kingdom of Fife. This resulted in an unprecedented demand for hotel rooms in the area, many from wealthy visitors, determined to make their pilgrimage to the Home of Golf.

This presented a major opportunity for one boutique hotel with a booking agent looking to take over the entire hotel for the duration of the tournament.

However, after carrying out an inspection, the agent demanded certain upgrades to the hotel to bring it up to the standards required by their clients, including improvements to the existing unvented water systems which weren’t delivering sufficient pressure.

After a call from the plumbing contractor, a member of our technical sales team carried out a survey and discussed potential solutions.

Floor space was a major issue for the hotel and therefore the tanks had to be located in the attic area which was accessible via a narrow hatch and featured a comparatively low ceiling space.

McDonald Engineers specified two 250 litre horizontal POWERflow unvented cylinders which measured 1800mm wide by 450mm high plus 50mm insulation.

With time constraints leading up to the tournament, the boiler was unable to be changed to upgrade the entire system, however McDonald Engineers were able to overcome this issue by incorporating 6kW immersions which would initially power the cylinder but then act as a back-up.

After agreeing the design and specification with the client and discussing with the plumbing contractor how the two unvented cylinders could be installed to maximise the efficiency, McDonald Engineers manufactured and delivered the cylinders within 48hours.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “One of the core benefits we offer clients is on-site technical support where we can assess the situation, discuss the requirements and then develop the optimum hot water solution for the project.”

He continued, “Our ability to design and manufacture bespoke cylinders within a matter of days is unrivalled in the industry. This allows us to deliver exactly what the customer requires and not have to simply make do with what is available from stock.”

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