High Efficiency Solar PV Pre-Heat Hot Water Cylinder

Solar PV Pre Heat Hot Water Cylinder

McDonald Engineers has manufactured and supplied a replacement solar PV pre-heat hot water cylinder for a Scottish primary school which had failed after 40 years of continued performance.

McDonald Engineers’ technical sales team worked closely with the client’s project team to understand the specific requirements of the project before designing the optimum cylinder specification.

The aim was to deliver a like for like cylinder in terms of size and capacity which not only improved the pre-heat process but which also reduced the ongoing running costs.

With the solar PV providing much of the power to the immersions, McDonald Engineers developed a solution which featured 6 individual high performance immersions instead of the two fixed banks of three.

By incorporating 6 individual immersion heaters, the client would be able to quickly replace any immersions in the unlikely event they fail or become inefficient, which would extend the life expectancy of the cylinder.

McDonald Engineers’ project manager for the cylinder, David Stewart, explained “By incorporating the latest high performance electric immersions which are 99.9% efficient, we were able to increase the level of hot water being fed to the calorifier without incurring any additional cost.”

He continued, “This improved efficiency would in turn reduce the energy consumption of the calorifier and therefore reduce the overall running cost of the hot water system.”


To see how you could potential increase the efficiency of your hot water cylinder and reduce your running costs, contact a member of our technical sales team now on 01592 611123.