Bespoke Hot Water Cylinders for Biomass Installation

Bespoke Hot Water Cylinders for Biomass Installation

McDonald Engineers has again demonstrated their expertise in delivering efficient, bespoke hot water solutions to clients by designing and manufacturing six 180litre POWERflow unvented cylinders to fit into small cupboard spaces.

The project for a housing development on the Western Isles of Scotland featured a biomass energy source and the tanks were originally specified as CUBEflow rectangular hot water systems.

However, with the water terminals located above, this meant that the vented hot water system would not be able to deliver the working pressure required.

After discussing the requirements in more detail, McDonald Engineers proposed a number of solutions including a CUBEflow thermal store and a horizontal POWERflow, however the preferred solution was a bespoke vertical unvented cylinder measuring 795mm x 700mm with single coil and back up immersion.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “Our 180 litre POWERflow normally measures 1325mm x 550mm including 50mm insulation. On this occasion this just wasn’t going to cut the mustard. However, our experience in design, combined with copper’s flexible manufacturing process, enabled us to deliver the cylinders to fit the cupboard perfectly.”

He continued, “We are focused on delivering hot water solutions which meet the exact needs of the clients, whether it’s to fit within a specific height such as with this project, optimising the heat transfer process with multiple coils or simply re-positioning of the connections to suit existing pipework, therefore dramatically reducing installation costs.”

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