Potential Health Threats of Stored Water Demonstrated

Health Issues Stored Water

After several high profile incidents involving legionella and stored water, McDonald Engineers embarked upon a small scale project to understand the impact of copper’s unique bacteria killing properties.

The experiment was simple. We filled 2 clear glasses with water and placed a section of foam material in each glass. We then placed a 7cm x 4cm piece of copper in one of the glasses, then sat back and waited for the magic to happen.

After only 2 weeks, bacteria could clearly be seen in one of the glasses, whereas the glass with the copper was absolutely clear.

Some 2 years on and after several top ups to maintain the water levels, the results are even more incredible.

The foam in the glass with the copper is still just as clean as it was on day one, with virtually zero visible bacteria growth and a fairly clean glass.

However, as you can see, the water in other glass is full of bacteria the foam has started to break apart and the glass is absolutely filthy.

McDonald Engineers’ Managing Director, Bill Stewart, explains, “We have been promoting the bacteria killing properties of copper for years now, however this simple experiment shows just how powerful a small section of copper can prove to be.”

He continued, “The implications of this fact are enormous when it comes to hot water cylinders and we are seeing more and more customers specifying copper to have the peace of mind that our cylinders offer – particularly when it comes to cylinders for public buildings, such as, hotels, sports facilities, care homes, schools and offices.”