Rectangular Thermal Store Demonstrates Full Multi Fuel Capabilities

rectangular thermal store with multi fuel capabilities

McDonald Engineers designed and manufactured a 375 litre rectangular thermal store for a private dwelling which incorporates solar thermal, solid fuel, an air source heat pump and an electric immersion to deliver all the hot water needs and supply the underfloor heating.

To ensure the hot water demands of the home were met, McDonald Engineers specified an external plate heat exchanger which acts as the main hot water source with the thermal store being called upon as a backup.

By specifying a rectangular thermal store which achieves the same capacity as a cylinder but within 27% less space, McDonald Engineers were able to ensure the 375 litre capacity could be delivered in the available space. 

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Each additional fuel source that is incorporated into the cylinder adds a new layer of complexity which has to be taken into consideration, from the specification of the finned coil, to the positioning of the stat pockets. And with so many fuel sources, consideration has to be given to overheating and therefore relief valves.”

He continued, “This particular project was a great example of what can be achieved with a thermal store. The combination of renewable energy and copper’s superior thermal transfer properties, make for a highly efficient cylinder with minimal energy consumption and virtually zero maintenance costs.”

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