Bespoke Calorifiers for Student Accommodation


McDonald Engineers has enabled a specialised property development company to achieve dramatic savings on the hot water solution for an 89 bedroom student accommodation scheme thanks to a change in design. This change involved a solution that reduced the requirement for 89 individual unvented stainless steel cylinders to only 9 centralised copper calorifiers.

The multi-million pound refurbishment project of transforming eight properties into 89 self-contained residential suites with en-suite bathrooms and kitchens, had originally specified a cylinder for each apartment.

However, with budgets being squeezed and the prospect of ongoing maintenance costs per cylinder on an annual basis, the contractor asked for an alternative design.

After in depth discussions between McDonald Engineers, the contractor and the consultant, the specification was changed to feature 9 bespoke calorifiers ranging from 750 litres to 1200 litres. 

Furthermore, by manufacturing the calorifiers from copper, the property developers could also enjoy the peace of mind from copper’s superior bacteria killing properties.

And to demonstrate their manufacturing process was just as efficient as their design and development skills, McDonald Engineers manufactured all 9 calorifiers ready for despatch within 2 weeks of the final design being approved.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, commented “This was a fantastic example of how cost savings can be achieved thanks to a radically different approach and with the collaboration of the contractor, consultant and hot water tank manufacturer.”

Even after discussing the potential options with the project team and agreeing the optimum strategy, onsite conditions meant that McDonald Engineers was asked to accommodate a change to the original order, with one 1500 litre calorifier being changed to two 750 litre calorifiers.

Jamie continued, “The flexibility of our manufacturing process enables us to provide clients with unrivalled service by being able to respond quickly and efficiently to issues such as on this occasion. And most importantly, we were still able to complete the project well within the required lead time.”