McDonald Engineers Continue To Invest

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McDonald Engineers have continued their investment programme to maintain the company’s position as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of copper hot water cylinders.

The investment programme is seen as a key factor in allowing McDonald Engineers to deliver a total quality solution with the latest equipment and state of the art communications systems.

Some of our recent investments include a new heavy duty guillotine, a new forklift, another sprinter van to improve our delivery network, low emission environmentally friendly cars for our technical sales managers, a CRM system, a hi-tech phone system and a new website.

Managing Direct, Bill Stewart commented “The construction industry while gradually improving, is still nowhere near the giddy heights it once was.  This means there is less work to be shared round and subsequently margins are squeezed.” 

He continued, “When times are challenging, there is a tendency to reduce investment in your company.  We have long held the belief this will contribute to a downward spiral and so proactively work hard to continually invest and upgrade our infrastructure and systems.  This ensures we can deliver the high quality products and superior customer service that our customers rightly demand.”