Maintenance Free Thermal Stores Secure Major Contract

CUBEflow Brochure

McDonald Engineers has enabled a major Housing Association to deliver dramatic savings on the hot water systems in 33 properties which were being refurbished by designing, manufacturing and supplying tanks which were more efficient and required little ongoing maintenance.

The homes previously had inefficient 150 litre vented rectangular hot water tanks which were causing pressure and maintenance issues.

After carrying out a full site survey, McDonald Engineers proposed a 150 litre CUBEflow rectangular thermal store, which would deliver mains pressure to the homes and was virtually maintenance free.

McDonald Engineers also designed the tank to feature double the amount of insulation to reduce the heat loss, therefore reducing the energy consumption.

As part of the project, McDonald Engineers carried out a detailed survey of the existing tank and the positioning of the connections. This allowed the new tank to be designed and manufactured to fit seamlessly into the existing pipework and therefore substantially reducing the installation costs.

McDonald Engineers also worked closely with the contractor onsite, by manufacturing and supplying a couple of prototypes to the original specification, which were then modified slightly before the full production run, to reduce installation times even further.

The nature of the project meant that each of the systems fed into a single overflow pipe.  In the unlikely event of an overflow issue, this would cause difficulties in determining the offending tank.  McDonald Engineers therefore designed and supplied a sight glass into each tank to help detect any problems.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart commented “Being involved in the design and specification phase allows us to understand the challenges and develop the most effective hot water solution which reduces costs both at installation and ongoing energy consumption.”

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