Complete Stored Hot Water Solution for Social Housing Project

CENTRALflow Heat Interface Storage

McDonald Engineers has provided the complete stored hot water solution for a new social housing project in the North East of England by supplying its CENTRALflow system and its POWERflow indirect cylinders.

The project consisted of two separate packages, the first of which was a 3 storey social housing block which offered extra care facilities for tenants and utilised McDonald Engineers’ CENTRALflow system featuring rectangular thermal stores with type 2 Heat Interface Units.

The CENTRALflow solution enables the central boiler system to circulate the primary water throughout the entire building with the temperature of water and heating being controlled by the Heat Interface Unit.

By incorporating 120 litre CUBEflow rectangular thermal stores to suit 1 bedroom with shower room apartments, the solution was able to deliver a highly efficient underfloor heating system with mains pressure water and requiring virtually zero maintenance.

The thermal stores were also designed to feature an electric immersion to provide each property with a back-up supply of hot water to facilitate any shut down maintenance required by the Central Boiler System or indeed in the unlikely event of a failure.

McDonald Engineers also manufactured and supplied 60No 75 litre indirect POWERflow cylinders to the additional apartment blocks on the project which were designed to provide individual living facilities.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “This is a great example of how we can work with Housing Associations and Consulting Engineers to design and develop a hot water solution which meets the exact requirements of the project in the most cost effective manner.”

He continued, “In this case the CENTRALflow solution provided the perfect solution for a housing block offering additional care facilities whilst the smaller 75 litre POWERflow indirect cylinders meet the exact requirements for a 1 bedroom apartment with shower room.”

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