Hot Water Cylinder News

2no. 2000 Litre Calorifier for Annan Academy

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its expertise when it comes to calorifiers by manufacturing and supplying 2no. 2000 litre cylinders as part of the refurbishment programme of Annan Academy. The company has seen demand for its calorifiers grow in recent years as more and more organisations recognise the extraordinary bacteria killing properties of copper, which minimises the risk of legionella, ecoli and MRSA to name a few.

Demand for McDonald Engineers’ CUBEflow Rectangular Hot Water Tank Grows

McDonald Engineers has seen a sharp rise in the demand for its CUBEflow range since launching at the beginning of the year.  Following the withdrawal of a competitor’s rectangular hot water tank, McDonald Engineers have stepped in to provide their customers with an ongoing solution.

McDonald Engineers has a long standing reputation, as a manufacturer of hot water storage systems, which have included rectangular hot water tanks, however the company had been manufacturing them as a bespoke item as opposed to offering a standard range.

URGENT WARNING: The Danger of Under Specifying Hot Water Cylinders

A hot water cylinder may appear to be a trivial issue when it comes to the overall design of a project, however its performance will have a major impact on the client’s satisfaction, the perception of the architect’s performance and therefore the payment of fees. When it comes to specifying the type of hot water cylinder to be used within a property, it’s generally the installation contractor who is given this responsibility, but what is their priority in the process?

Mild Steel Buffer Tank

Mild Steel Buffer Tank

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its flexibility in supplying mild steel buffer tanks with two of their latest orders, which showed the true diversity in sizes with a 1000 litre tank and a 6000 litre tank.

The 6000 litre buffer tank was ordered to replace an existing tank for a school in the highlands whilst, the smaller 1000 litre was for a stately mansion in the Lake District.

McDonald Engineers Cylinder Featured in Renewable and Innovation Centre

McDonald Engineers has shown its credentials in the renewable energy sector with the announcement it has secured the order to manufacture and supply the hot water cylinder for a Scottish Renewable and Innovation Centre. The high tech facility located at one of the UK’s leading renewable energy parks, has been purpose designed to create high quality work space in a low carbon facility and will feature one of McDonald Engineers POWERflow Commercial Heat Pump Cylinders.

McDonald Engineers Launch New Calorifier Brochure

McDonald Engineers has launched its new Calorifier Brochure.  This details its full manufacturing capability when it comes to Calorifiers.  The brochure details types of calorifiers, renewable energy options, horizontal calorifiers and marine calorifiers amongst other useful information. The brochure also features a sizing guide, which shows some of the more standard capacities and associated dimensions however McDonald Engineers are renowned for their manufacturing capabilities when it comes to bespoke cylinders.

Unvented Cylinder Training

McDonald Engineers is delighted to announce that it’s next BPEC Certified Unvented Cylinder training course will take place on Wednesday 23rd May. With all plumbers and installers having a legal obligation to complete this course every 5 years, McDonald Engineers is softening the blow a little by offering £75 worth of vouchers which can be redeemed against future purchases of its ECOflow and POWERflow cylinders.

McDonald Engineers Make Specification of Rectangular Tanks Simple

McDonald Engineers has stepped up its campaign to revolutionise the rectangular hot water tank market by launching a number of tools to make the specification of its CUBEflow even easier. The first tool to be introduced is a ready reckoner to clearly show its comparative products to previous manufacturers including Elson and Rolyat. And to support its commitment to customer service, McDonald Engineers has produced a CUBEflow sketch sheet to enable architects, engineers and installers to specify exactly what they want quickly and easily.