Why Copper Clothing Is On The Up

From odourless dog beds to shoe insoles and short sleeved t-shirts, Copper infused products and clothing are on the increase and it's all thanks to Copper's natural superpowers!

Copper's natural anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, and anti odour properties, to name but a few, are being tapped into, to aid people's everyday lives. From those who suffer from eczema to those with recurring skin infections, people have reported improvements to their conditions after using the antimicrobial clothes. 

"Copper Clothing's" website is testament to the range of products now available. Featuring on "The One Show" clip below , the company is hoping to make headway with the NHS as research proves that the copper, infused into the material, kills MRSA as well as other bacteria.

Documented in the video below,  Copper has a natural ability to kill bacteria which stainless steel does not. This helps to reduce the threat of bacteria growth such as E.coli and Legionella in the water system - just one of the many reasons why Copper is the material of choice for McDonald Engineer's hot water cylinders.  

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