Rectangular Thermal Store Delivers Massive Savings

Rectangular Hot Water Tank

McDonald Engineers has designed, manufactured and supplied a 300 litre CUBEflow rectangular thermal store for specialist wood burning stove installers, Gondwana Green Heat, to fit into a shallow loft area of a luxury cottage they were working on.

The client was looking to achieve the 300 litre capacity however with the total height available in the loft space measuring just 1350mm high and a standard thermal store cylinder measuring 2050mm high, the stove company approached McDonald Engineers to develop a solution.

McDonald Engineers’ technical sales team developed a solution which used a bespoke CUBEflow rectangular thermal store measuring just 1260mm high x 700mm wide and 750mm deep, including 100mm of lagging to reduce heat losses.

In addition to the wood burning stove the thermal store was designed to also incorporate boiler and solar thermal connections as well as a back-up immersion.

With 3 high performance finned copper coils in a relatively shallow cylinder, and the fact that the solution had to maximise the thermal transfer process of the various fuel sources, copper thermal store was the optimum solution.

Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “When it comes to incorporating renewable heat sources into a hot water system, nothing can come close to the benefits offered by copper. Not only does it transfer more heat, more quickly from the source, which means it is significantly more cost effective, its natural bacteria killing properties prevent any nasty bugs such as legionnaires or Ecoli from developing.”

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