Bespoke Hot Water Cylinders

Our ability to design, manufacture and supply bespoke cylinders means that you don’t have to compromise on the capacity or the performance of your hot water system.

Whether you are looking to achieve a specific capacity within a narrow space, incorporate multiple fuels sources or simply optimise the positions of the connections to minimise installation costs, we can help.

Depending on your requirements, we can change the specification of the coil to increase recovery periods, increase the lagging to reduce heat losses or design a system with a combination of cylinders to improve performance and minimise running costs.

Our design expertise, flexible manufacturing process and uncompromising approach to quality enables us to deliver the best cylinder for your project and budget – no matter how complex or indeed simple the cylinder is.

And when it comes to delivering best value for your hot water cylinder, our technical sales team are always on hand to look at ways in which you can save money.

But, that's not simply for bespoke projects!

By understanding the project in more detail, especially with refurbishment projects, our technical sales team can advise on how the cylinder could be re-designed to minimise pipe work or move the connections to make them more accessible.

We can also provide alternative suggestions for improving the project and potentially reducing costs.

To discuss your requirements and discover how our value engineering solutions can help you, contact us now. 

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