CENTRALflow Designed to Deliver Massive Savings on Heating Bills for Tower Blocks

CENTRALflow brochure cover

McDonald Engineers has launched its CENTRALflow solution, which enables local authorities and housing associations to dramatically reduce the heating costs associated with tower blocks.

The CENTRALflow solution replaces the traditional electric heating approach with a highly efficient system, allowing Central Energy Centres to link with an innovative Heat Interface Unit and McDonald Engineers’ market leading rectangular thermal store.

The solution delivers a number of benefits in addition to offering a more energy efficient heating solution including, mains pressure water to each apartment, no gas piping running through the building and no annual maintenance requirements to individual hot water tanks.

The solution can also be designed to harness the power of renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, biomass and heat pumps, both at the central boiler system and in individual apartments to deliver even further savings.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “We have been developing this system in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading experts in heat interface units to deliver a highly efficient system which offers a highly attractive return on investment for any local authority and housing association.”

With the pressure on public sector bodies to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of their housing stock, CENTRALflow could provide the perfect solution.

Jamie continued, “The benefits of our CENTRALflow system go way further than massive energy savings. We have designed it to use our rectangular thermal store to deliver maximum capacity in minimum space. Each unit can be designed to fit into the space available, with the connections located as required to minimise installation times.  Using our premium copper thermal store, also eradicates any legionella issue, as copper not only kills legionella, but does not allow any microbiological growth – a true supermetal.”

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