McDonald Engineers Target Growth in Thermal Stores with Re-Design and Price Reduction

Thermal Store Hot Water Cylinder

McDonald Engineers is looking to build on its position as one of the UK’s market leaders for thermal stores by re-launching its THERMflow thermal store with several design improvements and a reduction in price.

The market leading thermal store, now offers improved performance, reduced heat loss and also has been designed to reduce installation costs.

As part of the re-engineering process, the THERMflow has seen a complete re-configuration of its feed pipe system and increased insulation between the feed and expansion tank and thermal store, both reduce the heat loss levels.

They have now also included Compression Connections as standard, meaning an easier fit and no expense of buying costly compression adaptors.

THERMflow uses heavier grade copper than other units, providing customers with a solution which is more robust and longer lasting.

Legionella is zero risk, as the copper coil not only helps to eradicate the germ, but also the water is kept at above 60ºC so there is no risk to householders.

The company is now also offering the option of 100mm insulation to further reduce heat losses.  An external plate heat exchanger, can also be used instead of the internal coil, if customers prefer this option.

These solutions are made possible thanks to McDonald Engineers unmatched flexible manufacturing process, which allows bespoke thermal stores to be manufactured quickly, effectively and to the uncompromising quality standards the firm has become renowned for.

This was demonstrated with the recent launch of its rectangular thermal store, which is designed to offer the same storage capacity but within 27% less space – perfect for apartment blocks and properties with restricted space.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “We are continually striving to improve the performance of our products and this latest redesign keeps THERMflow at the forefront of the thermal store market, with unbeatable performance and now with an even more competitive price.”

He continued, “We realise that other materials, such as Stainless Steel, look an attractive price option.  However you undoubtedly get what you pay for.  Many stainless steels do not perform well with high temperatures and can have serious issues.  Our heavy grade copper units, will not only last every bit as long, but bring with it significant performance benefits and manufacturing flexibility.”

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