Calorifiers Manufactured for Yorkshire Colliery

McDonald Engineers is ensuring that the 420 miners at one of the UK’s last remaining collieries will have sufficient hot water to shower at the end of their 12 hour shift by designing, manufacturing and supplying two 1000litre calorifiers.

The employee owned Hatfield Colliery in Yorkshire is one of only three collieries in Britain and was made famous by featuring in the 1996 movie Brassed Off.

With no gas available at the pit head showers, the calorifiers are heated electrically with 2 x 24kW immersion heaters and were designed to provide ample hot water for the full shift of men who need a shower.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, said “The showers at the pit head are effectively used twice a day for as little as 20-30 minutes per shift, however it is absolutely vital that there is enough hot water to clean the men after a long shift.”

“Our reputation for delivering calorifiers which are robust and exceptionally reliable combined with coppers superior heat transfer and bacteria killing properties made us the preferred choice for supplying one of the last bastions of this once great industry.”

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