920 Litre Calorifier for York Racecourse

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated it is the thoroughbred calorifier manufacturer with its latest project, where it manufactured a 920 litre copper calorifier to wash down race horses at York Race Course.

The calorifier was designed to deliver a steady temperature to matched that of the horse’s blood.  This was achieved by incorporating a mixing valve on the outlet, to bring the water temperature down to the required level.

Working closely with the project managers, McDonald Engineers’ technical sales team designed and specified the calorifier to ensure it would fit into the restricted space available.  The unit was suitable for incoming mains pressure and had no fewer than 8No immersion heaters.

With the welfare of the horses paramount, it was an added bonus to have the unit manufactured from copper which does nor harbour microbiological growth and is the healthiest and safest material for hot water storage.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, commented "No two Calorifier projects are the same! This has been an interesting project to work on and as with every bespoke project, our technical sales team worked hand and glove with the client to provide a specification that meets the exact requirements of the project."

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