Solar Thermal Pre-Feed Calorifiers For Care Home

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its ability to design and manufacture innovative solar thermal cylinders with the supply of nine varying sized calorifiers for two large care homes.

The project was part of a major publicly funded refurbishment programme so energy efficiency and good value were key to the development.

The calorifiers, which will act as pre-feed cylinders located between the cold water feed and the existing hot water cylinders, will use the energy generated from the solar thermal panels to pre-heat the cold water feed as it passes through a high efficiency secondary coil.

This solution can often prove to be more efficient and easier than having to fit a new dual coil solar cylinder.

The energy required for the existing cylinder can often be dramatically reduced and in some cases eliminated if the water is heated to the desired temperature by the pre-feed cylinder.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, commented, “This is a highly effective solution which can be used for a number of reasons, such as limited space or simply improving an efficient cylinder.”

He continued, “The key to this approach is to deliver the most efficient energy transfer from the solar energy to the pre-feed cylinder and through the secondary coil to maximise the temperature of the water. With copper’s superior heat transfer properties, combined with our experience in manufacturing solar cylinders, we were able to provide the perfect solution.”

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