Horizontal Calorifier for Aberdeen Office Development

McDonald Engineers reputation for quality and service was instrumental in securing the contract for an 1800 litre horizontal calorifier for a major office refurbishment project in Aberdeen.

With space a key concern in the building, the architect had specified an 1800 litre horizontal calorifier to supply hot water to the offices and retail area below.

The cased cylinder was manufactured in copper and featured a high efficiency coil and manhole access facility.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Directors, Jamie Stewart, explained “Copper was the only material the client considered due to its superior heat transfer properties which make it more cost effective to run and of course its unrivalled bacteria killing properties which minimises the risk of legionella and many other bacteria".

Jamie continued, “Despite the size of the calorifier, the actual manufacturing process was fairly straight forward and we were able to complete the manufacturing process well within the required lead times.  Our delivery for Calorifiers is normally the quickest in the industry!”

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