Thermal Stores for Scotland’s Most Desirable Affordable Housing Project

Thermflow Thermal Store

McDonald Engineers has manufactured and supplied thermal stores for a development of affordable homes in an exceptionally rural area with spectacular views overlooking the Western Isles of Scotland.

The stunning homes featured McDonald Engineers’ THERMflow thermal stores with 180 litre capacity and designed to accommodate solar thermal energy and wood burning stoves.

Each home was designed to an individual brief using a blend of timber frames, hemp-lime construction, and a sustainable interpretation of Scottish traditional building.

The remote nature of the site demanded a hot water cylinder which was both highly efficient and, most importantly, extremely reliable.

McDonald Engineer’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Copper cylinders are the natural choice when it comes to high performance hot water systems featuring multiple fuel sources thanks to copper’s superior heat transfer and bacteria killing properties.”

He continued, “However it was our reputation for delivering the most reliable hot water cylinders which was instrumental in securing this contract. Our thermal stores have proven time and again they continue to deliver trouble free, highly efficient hot water, providing complete peace of mind for both the home owner and the construction company.”

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