Does Your Thermal Store Require a Feed and Expansion Tank?

Feed and Expansion Tank Brochure

Primary Feed and Expansion Tanks are generally used in open vented central heating systems, where a small water tank is located in the loft for the purpose of feeding and topping up the primary system and providing a receptacle should the primary water expand.

With normal gas and oil boilers there is little or no likelihood of this water being near boiling temperature.  However when Solid Fuel/Woodburning Stoves are used, there is a possibility that water close to, or at boiling point, may expand into the tank and this requires the tank to be made from a high temperature material.

Overheating in thermal stores can be caused due to the continuous production of energy by several fuel sources which results in the water temperature to rise to dangerous levels.

Copper feed and expansion tanks provide the perfect solution with their ability to cope with potentially high temperatures - which could reach as high as 100°C.  These tanks can be made in a rectangular format, similar to their plastic cousins, but making a cylindrical unit is cheaper and a wide range of diameters, heights and capacities are available.

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