McDonald Engineers Deliver Exact Replacement for Elson Rectangular Thermal Stores

McDonald Engineers has secured the contract to supply its CUBEflow Rectangular Thermal Store as a direct replacement for existing Elson units for the refurbishment of a busy accommodation centre in the North of England.

The company was asked to supply a 100 litre thermal store unit with all the connections in the exact same place as the existing rectangular tanks to enable the installation process to be quick and efficient.

McDonald Engineers also proposed the incorporation of a fully pumped system which would increase the efficiency of the system.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “The client had been experiencing issues with a number of its properties which featured Elson rectangular thermal stores and were looking for a supplier which could manufacture to the same specification to minimise the length of time the units would be out of commission.”

He continued, “As these are single person units, the capacity required was only 100 litres, however our ability to tailor the design and manufacture to tight lead times enabled us to secure the contract.”

To find out more about the CUBEflow range of Rectangular Thermal Stores click here.


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