Customer Delight at Rectangular Thermal Store

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated their ability to deliver the perfect hot water tank by designing, manufacturing and supplying this 250 litre CUBEflow Thermal Store designed to work with a solid fuel boiler and solar thermal panels.


The key requirement of the hot water cylinder was to capitalise on the available space in an existing airing cupboard whilst delivering the required capacity and accommodating two additional fuel sources.

McDonald Engineers customised one of their CUBEflow thermal store to ensure all of the connections were at the front of the cylinder to simplify the installation process.

The client was quick to praise the system writing, “It was a perfect fit. I connected a very low heat input of 15KW traditional boiler, solid fuel boiler and a solar panel.  The flow rate out of the cylinder is amazing, and the connections and wiring were a breeze. A great piece of kit”

McDonald Engineers’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart commented, “This was a great project for us as it really played to our all strengths.”

He continued, “ The incorporation of multiple fuel sources made a thermal store the optimum cylinder type. The client recognised the superior properties of copper when it comes to renewable energy and the need to optimise capacity in a tight space made the CUBEflow the perfect choice as it saves up to 27% in space against traditional cylinders.”

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