Vented Hot Water Cylinders Supplied to Duchally Country Estate

McDonald Engineers have once again been shown to be the number one choice to supply hot water cylinders to the hospitality industry by having their Maxistore 7 direct vented hot water cylinder to the self-catering villas on the 5 star Duchally Country Estate.

Each of the 55 self-catering villas at the resort in the Scottish countryside features electric heating systems and McDonald Engineers’ Maxistore 7 is specifically suited to capitalise on off peak tariffs.

The Maxistore 7 also includes double thick insulation as standard, meaning it offers excellent rates of heat retention to further help reduce running costs.

However one of the key factors in the specification of the Maxistore 7 was the superior bacteria killing properties of copper, which provides the resort owners with the peace of mind that its guests are protected from legionella, MRSA and E.coli.

Copper has been shown to effectively kill off the bacteria that can thrive in warm, still water.More than 99.9% of MRSA and E.coli microbes were killed within two hours on copper alloy. C.diff is almost entirely eradicated within three hours, and influenza within six hours.

Sales director Jamie Stewart said: "The Maxistore 7 system has proved to be a highly efficient and highly flexible solution for electric heating systems.

"However we have once again seen how important copper’s bacteria killing properties are in the hospitality sector where the well-being of the guest and the reputation of the venue are absolutely critical.

Find out more about the range of vented cylinders from McDonald Engineers, or call 01592 611 123 for details.

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