McDonald's Engineers Manufactures 2000 Litre Solar Pre Feed Tank

McDonald Engineers had manufactured a 2000 litre solar pre-heat cylinder for 1 World Solar, who are installing 540 Thermomax evacuated tubes at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. The project incorporated the 2000 litre cylinder, a 40 litre solar discharge vessel and 300 litre expansion vessel all mounted on to a steel skid plate. The highly technical project was part of the development of the Jubilee Building at the hospital. This will replace a series of temporary buildings at the site, and will make use of renewable energy sources. The installation of the copper Solar Pre Feed Tank complete with a solar coil with over 10m sq surface area, enabled the hospital to take advantage of copper’s superior thermal transfer properties as well as its natural ability to kill bacteria such as legionella and ecoli. The solar discharge tank was incorporated to catch any glycol mixtures from the solar panels should they overheat. These can then be collected and recycled back in to the system. Due to the requirement for low heat loss McDonald’s opted to spray foam insulate the calorifier something most competitors were unable to do. With a little lateral thinking and ingenuity they adapted the insulation booth to accommodate this 2000 x 1400mm calorifier and ended up with a fantastic 100mm thick finish. The technical sales team then liaised with the customer to determine what their ideal positioning of each of the units was to be. All 3 tanks were then bolted to the skid plate ready to be transported to site where it was craned to the rooftop plantroom of the hospital. McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, said: “As a project, this had some technical challenges however once again we have been able to demonstrate how capable we are of developing and manufacturing bespoke solutions for renewable energy sources.” Find out more about renewable energy hot water cylinders, by calling 01592 611 123.