Tank on Tank Heat Pump Cylinders Transforms Installations

McDonald Engineers’ ECOflow heat pump cylinder is available as a Tank On Tank system to reduce the space required and improve the installation process.


The tank on tank system is ideally suited for heat pumps which require a hot water cylinder and a buffer vessel.  Heat Pumps have experienced a steady growth in the UK, however the traditional approach is to have a hot water cylinder plus a separate buffer vessel.

McDonald Engineers’ ECOflow Tank on Tank system enables clients to remove the need for the separate buffer vessel to deliver an integrated unit which not only saves on space but also makes the installation process easier.

The tank on tank system enables heat collected from the heat pump to be stored in an integrated buffer vessel once the hot water requirement is satisfied.  This avoids excessive heat pump cycling and stored water for heating and a defrost cycle if required.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “ECOflow was the UK’s first dedicated heat pump cylinder with many of the range held in stock for immediate despatch. And with many of the leading heat pump manufacturers recommending copper cylinders at the preferred cylinder material, we are delighted to be one of the market leaders in this sector.”

He continued, “The tank on tank system makes the whole design and installation process much simpler heat pumps and is certainly the solution we would recommend for anyone looking at this particular renewable energy solution.”

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