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ERP Rating for Hot Water Cylinders

A Rated ErP Hot Water Cylinders

The introduction of the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive for Hot Water Cylinders in September 2015 has seen a rise in the number of enquiries from clients looking to achieve higher energy ratings to satisfy the demands of the more discerning clients.

And thanks to McDonald Engineers expertise in developing hot water solutions which meet the exact requirements of our clients, we are able to achieve an A Rating for virtually every type of indirect hot cylinder.

ERP Thermal Store Grade A

ErP Rating of Hot Water Cylinders

The new Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive which came into force in September 2015 means that all hot water cylinders are now required to display an energy rating label which communicates the heat loss factor.

The ErP Directive is designed to improve the energy efficiency and performance standard of products, using any form of energy, which could impact on your carbon footprint.

Slimline Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Slimline Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

McDonald Engineers has designed and manufactured a slimline unvented hot water cylinder which has increased capacity from 120litres to 150litres and dramatically reduced the amount of floor space the cylinder required.

The client had recently purchased a bungalow which was approximately 30 years old and included a traditional vented 900 x 450mm cylinder with an electric shower.

Horizontal Cylinder for Meldrum Hotel, Ceres

Horizontal Hot Water Cylinders for Boutique Hotel

The Open Golf Championship returned to St Andrews in 2015 and saw thousands of golf fans from around the world descend upon the Kingdom of Fife. This resulted in an unprecedented demand for hotel rooms in the area, many from wealthy visitors, determined to make their pilgrimage to the Home of Golf.

This presented a major opportunity for one boutique hotel with a booking agent looking to take over the entire hotel for the duration of the tournament.

Solar PV Pre Heat Hot Water Cylinder

High Efficiency Solar PV Pre-Heat Hot Water Cylinder

McDonald Engineers has manufactured and supplied a replacement solar PV pre-heat hot water cylinder for a Scottish primary school which had failed after 40 years of continued performance.

McDonald Engineers’ technical sales team worked closely with the client’s project team to understand the specific requirements of the project before designing the optimum cylinder specification.

Hot Water Cylinders for Passivhaus Project

McDonald Engineers has secured a major project to design and manufacture its POWERflow unvented cylinders for a housing association which is building homes to meet the Passivhaus standards.

The nature of the Passivhaus approach and its use of renewable energy sources means that the hot water system can often use more energy than the heating of the building.

Health Issues Stored Water

Potential Health Threats of Stored Water Demonstrated

After several high profile incidents involving legionella and stored water, McDonald Engineers embarked upon a small scale project to understand the impact of copper’s unique bacteria killing properties.

The experiment was simple. We filled 2 clear glasses with water and placed a section of foam material in each glass. We then placed a 7cm x 4cm piece of copper in one of the glasses, then sat back and waited for the magic to happen.

After only 2 weeks, bacteria could clearly be seen in one of the glasses, whereas the glass with the copper was absolutely clear.