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Feed and Expansion Tank Brochure

Does Your Thermal Store Require a Feed and Expansion Tank?

Primary Feed and Expansion Tanks are generally used in open vented central heating systems, where a small water tank is located in the loft for the purpose of feeding and topping up the primary system and providing a receptacle should the primary water expand.

With normal gas and oil boilers there is little or no likelihood of this water being near boiling temperature.  However when Solid Fuel/Woodburning Stoves are used, there is a possibility that water close to, or at boiling point, may expand into the tank and this requires the tank to be made from a high temperature material.

Customer Delight at Rectangular Thermal Store

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated their ability to deliver the perfect hot water tank by designing, manufacturing and supplying this 250 litre CUBEflow Thermal Store designed to work with a solid fuel boiler and solar thermal panels.


The key requirement of the hot water cylinder was to capitalise on the available space in an existing airing cupboard whilst delivering the required capacity and accommodating two additional fuel sources.

Copper Hot Water Cylinders Key to Award Winning Solar Energy Project

McDonald Engineers has supplied 30 of its POWERflow solar cylinders to an award winning housing project in Scotland at the insistence of an architect who recognised the importance of using copper cylinders with solar energy.

The project, which went on to win the prestigious Green Apple Environmental Award, saw McDonald Engineers supply a combination of 180 litre and 210 litre POWERflow cylinders fitted with high performance finned copper coils to deliver maximum performance.

McDonald Engineers Welcomes Domestic RHI Scheme

McDonald Engineers is delighted to see the government announce the Renewable Heat Incentive will be launched in spring 2014.

As one of the leading players in the design, manufacture and supply of hot water cylinders incorporating renewable energy sources, McDonald Engineers has been calling on the scheme to be implemented for a number of years.

The announcement means the RHI scheme widens the current government incentives to include energy sources such as:

· solar thermal

McDonald Engineers Deliver Exact Replacement for Elson Rectangular Thermal Stores

McDonald Engineers has secured the contract to supply its CUBEflow Rectangular Thermal Store as a direct replacement for existing Elson units for the refurbishment of a busy accommodation centre in the North of England.

The company was asked to supply a 100 litre thermal store unit with all the connections in the exact same place as the existing rectangular tanks to enable the installation process to be quick and efficient.

McDonald Engineers also proposed the incorporation of a fully pumped system which would increase the efficiency of the system.

McDonald Engineers Deliver Electric Rectangular Tank for London Housing Project

McDonald Engineers has reinforced its position as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rectangular hot water tanks by supplying an electric CUBEflow to replace an Elson Coral tank for a housing project in London.


McDonald Engineers’ range of rectangular tanks has received unanimous praise since its launch for the quality and durability of the system with excellent feedback on the ease of installation – especially when replacing Elson rectangular tanks.

Urgent Bespoke Hot Water Cylinder Manufactured for Super Yacht

McDonald Engineers responded to a distress call from a 52 metre luxury Yacht which discovered a leak in a water tank only a few days before it was set to sail from its port in Majorca with a VIP guest.

Working to an extremely tight schedule, McDonald Engineers manufactured and supplied two 325 litres cylinders which were designed to work like an electric thermal store as well as being able to work in parallel during periods of peak demand.

Vented Hot Water Cylinders Supplied to Duchally Country Estate

McDonald Engineers have once again been shown to be the number one choice to supply hot water cylinders to the hospitality industry by having their Maxistore 7 direct vented hot water cylinder to the self-catering villas on the 5 star Duchally Country Estate.

Each of the 55 self-catering villas at the resort in the Scottish countryside features electric heating systems and McDonald Engineers’ Maxistore 7 is specifically suited to capitalise on off peak tariffs.