McDonald Engineers Supply 36 Thermal Stores to the Military


McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its positions as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of thermal stores by securing an order for 36 of its THERMflows for an Army base in England.

The order was secured thanks to McDonald Engineers unique ability to manufacture solutions tailored to customers needs.  Each thermal store having all of the connections re-positioned to be on the front of the cylinder and a high efficiency system boiler coil fitted, to provide a rapid heat up.

Manufactured from copper, McDonald Engineers’ THERMflow offers excellent heat transfer properties, making it the ideal solution for renewable energy and multiple fuel source applications.

However a key benefit of thermal stores is the fact that they do not require annual servicing, which is a major advantage on military bases who require an efficient and dependable solution.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, said: "We are continuously promoting the advantages about customising the positioning of connections to improve the installation process, and in this case it was absolutely essential as there was no access to the rear of the cylinder.”

He continued, “Our ability and our willingness to customise cylinders offers clients significant advantages and we were delighted to see our THERMflow providing the hot water for our hard working soldiers."

For more information about the THERMflow Thermal Store, visit or call 01592 611 123.