Bespoke Rectangular Hot Water Tank

Bespoke Rectangular Hot Water Tank

McDonald Engineers have again displayed their ability to offer bespoke solutions to their clients' needs by adapting their CUBEflow rectangular hot water tank to deliver their first ever pentagonal tank.

The solution was developed to meet the requirements of a London housing association which approached McDonald Engineers to replace an existing rectangular hot water tank.

When McDonald Engineers’ Technical Sales Manager discussed the project with the client, they revealed the tank would be fitted into an unusual area of a room which featured a cut away corner.

McDonald Engineers used an adapted version of their CUBEflow electrical thermal store to create the pentagonal tank which fitted perfectly into the area and did not protrude into the room in the way a rectangular or cylindrical tank would have done.

Sales director Jamie Stewart said, “Not only does it hold the same amount of water as a conventional tank, the pentagonal design has optimised the space available in the room”

He added, "This is another example of how McDonald Engineers can offer bespoke solutions, rather than forcing customers to choose an off-the-shelf tank which does not completely suit their needs."

For more information about the CUBEflow Rectangular Hot Water Tank, visit or call 01592 611 123.

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