McDonald Engineers Respond to Hotel Emergency

McDonald Engineers has once again demonstrated its ability to respond to emergency enquiries by designing, manufacturing and delivering a complete hot water solution featuring two of their highly efficient 900 litre vented PLATEflow units in just 4 working days.

The issue arose when a busy city centre hotel experienced a burst hot water cylinder and called McDonald Engineers to assist.

McDonald Engineers’ Technical Sales Manager was on site within a matter of hours to inspect the existing system and understand the clients requirements. Drawings of the new proposed systems and associated costings were prepared the same day and the order was placed immediately.

McDonald Engineers replaced the existing cylinders with much smaller PLATEflow units which would continue to meet all of their hot water needs but far more efficiently and as a result delivering considerable cost savings.

The PLATEflow system uses a plate heat exchanger to consistently deliver hot water at the preset flow rate. During periods of peak demand, the cylinder uses the stored hot water to maintain the flow rate, whilst continuing to deliver water at the required temperature.

Sales director Jamie Stewart said: "The PLATEflow system is an excellent and highly efficient solution for establishments such as hotels, as it is designed to supply hot water in situations where there is a fairly short peak demand period."

He continued, “Our fast turnaround times, particularly on non-standard items such as these, is second to none. The initial response to this call was just a few hours and the installation was completed in just four days.

For more information on the PLATEflow system, visit or call 01592 611123


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