ECOflow Heat Pump Cylinders Used for Energy Savings Programme

ECOflow Brochure

 McDonald Engineers’ heat pump hot water cylinder, ECOflow, has been selected as the preferred solution for a Community Energy Savings Programme.

McDonald Engineers has already supplied a number of its ECOflow cylinders into the programme which is part of the government's Home Energy Saving Programme set up to encourage gas and electricity suppliers to deliver energy saving measures to domestic consumers in low income areas of Great Britain.

The ECOflow was the first dedicated heat pump hot water cylinder to come complete with a high performance heat pump copper coil fitted as standard and is now seen by many heat pump manufacturers as the preferred solution.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Copper hot water cylinders are widely recognised as the best and most cost effective solution to use with heat pumps and we are delighted with the response we’ve seen for our ECOflow.”

He continued, “In addition to superior heat transfer properties of copper which improves the overall efficiency of the system, copper is also far more effective when it comes to killing bacteria such as legionella and Ecoli, which is more prevalent in tanks where water temperatures are less than 50°C.”

For projects where there is limited space available to fit the hot water cylinder, ECOflow is also available with an optional integrated buffer vessel which sits below the cylinder.

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