Quality Rapid Recovery Cylinder Key to Performance

Fast Heat Cylinder

McDonald Engineers was called to provide advice on a competitor’s quick recovery cylinder which was causing continual problems and found the issue to be down to the thickness of the copper which was unable to support the coil.

These quick recovery cylinders tend to feature smaller capacities with large, high efficiency coils to bring the water up to temperature very quickly. This means that large quantities of hot water are not heated and wasted if not required. It also significantly reduces boiler cycling - leading to large savings on fuel bills.

However the large surface area of the high efficiency coils makes them comparatively heavy. If the cylinder shell thickness is too light, the copper is likely to tear, particularly at the coil connections.

The McDonald Engineers team, quickly identified the issue and demonstrated the superior grade of copper used in their FASTheat Rapid Recovery Cylinders and secured an order for over 100 cylinders.

McDonald Engineers, Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “We have never compromised on quality on any of our cylinder as we recognise the problems that can result. Both our copper and our stainless steel cylinders feature the highest grade of material on the market, whether it’s small cylinders such as our rapid recovery cylinders  or large commercial calorifiers.”

He continued, “Our Rapid Recovery Cylinders can reheat the water in as little as 6 minutes making them an excellent cost effective solution for smaller properties such as social housing projects where there is a relatively low demand for water.”

For more information on the FASTheat system visit www.mcdonaldwaterstorage.com/fastheat.html or call 01592 611123 to discuss your project.

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