Vented Hot Water Cylinder Celebrates 64 Years of Reliable Service


Vented CylinderMcDonald Engineers celebrated one of their longest serving vented cylinders, which has provided its owners with 64 years of reliable service, by giving it an early retirement and replacing it with a new THERMflow thermal store.


Originally manufactured in 1948, the vented copper cylinder was made to the highest quality standards of its time demonstrating the durability of McDonald Engineers’ hot water cylinders.

The owners of the property were looking to upgrade their hot water system with a new thermal store and who better to turn to than the company which manufactured the cylinder that was still performing after all this time.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, commented “The cylinder is certainly before my time but it was made using the same quality values and attention to detail as the cylinders we manufacture today – albeit with far more sophisticated technology and machining.”

He continued, “Having said that, durability and performance have always been our main focus and so it was a real pleasure to discover one of our cylinders still performing after such a length of time.  It also shows the durability and long life that can be expected from a copper cylinder.”

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