ELECTRAflow Re-Launched to Reflect Renewable Energy Capabilities

McDonald Engineers has re-launched its ELECTRAflow Electric Wet heating system to reflect the growth in its renewable energy applications and in particular, its thermal store model which has seen a surge in demand in recent months.

Widely respected as one of the UK’s leading combined electric boiler and storage cylinders, the ELECTRAflow provides primary hot water to heat standard “wet” radiators as well as domestic hot water. Ideal for properties and locations where gas is not available, the ELECTRAflow delivers a highly efficient solution to suit every tariff.

And now ,with its Thermal Store model, the ELECTRAflow can accommodate multiple fuel sources such as solid fuels, solar and heat pumps. The ELECTRAflow can also be supplied as a rectangular model thanks to the manufacturing system McDonald Engineers use to produce its CUBEflow system.

McDonald Engineers’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, “As with much of our product development, our expertise in manufacturing bespoke cylinders easily enables us to develop new products.  These can be tested and tweaked, to perfect the cylinder to allow volume manufacturing.”

He continued “The most important factor in any new product is maintaining the level of quality and reliability that the McDonald Engineers name has become synonymous with.” To download our ELECTRAflow brochure click here

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