7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder

With so many to choose from, it can be a little daunting to determine the right stainless steel hot water cylinder for your project, so we have put together a handy list of questions to ensure you are getting the best value for money... 1.    Type And Thickness Of Material As you can imagine, all stainless steels are not the same. It is therefore vital that you ensure you are getting the right grade of steel and the right thickness for your project. Thicker premium grade stainless steel will provide extra strength in your cylinder which will prove to be more durable and less likely to fail. 2.    Check What Is Included As Standard Cheaper cylinders tend to include the minimum of fittings as standard which could mean they end up costing you more in the long run. Especially when you take into consideration the cost of the fittings and most importantly, the additional time it takes to install them. Higher quality cylinders tend to feature pre-plumbed relief valves and compression connections fitted to the cylinder as standard. This ensures you have the right fittings for your cylinder thereby minimising the risk of leaks and defects, as well as reducing installation times. 3.    Ensure It Features A Quick Recovery Coil In Coil Installing a cheaper cylinder with lower quality heating coils can also prove to be less cost effective in the medium to long term. Cylinders which feature a quick recovery coil in coil will heat up quicker and consume less energy on a day to day basis, which is great for clients. However, installers must also consider the likelihood of call backs and complaints from clients who are not satisfied with the heat of their hot water or indeed the length of time the cylinder takes to heat up. 4.    Do You Really Need It Cased? There is no question that cased stainless steel hot water cylinders look better but if you are looking to cut costs, does it really matter how the cylinder looks especially when foam lagged cylinders deliver excellent levels of insulation. Whilst many manufacturers only offer cased units to simplify their production process, some manufacturers of high quality cylinders provide the option to have your cylinder cased or uncased. 5.    What Rating of Pressure Relief Is Provided? A pressure relief setting of 5 bar, ensures that the system pressure does not get above 5 bar.  Pressures in excess of this can be damaging to showers and exceed recommendations for some plastic pipe-work and fittings. 6.    What Kind Of Guarantee Does It Offer? The length of the guarantee offered by the manufacturer or supplier will play a key factor in determining the quality of a hot water cylinder. Ensure you get a cylinder which comes backed with a full 25 year guarantee, from a well established company, to ensure you have maximum confidence and peace of mind that the cylinder and the supplier continue to perform at the level you would expect! 7.    Where Is It Manufactured? Many companies are now importing their cylinders from outside the UK - to benefit from their lower wages and lower costs of production. However, you have to question the quality and reliability of these cylinders, as the UK has more rigorous standards than elsewhere. Choosing a cylinder which has been manufactured in the UK not only means that it must conform to the most rigorous legislation and quality standards but you are also supporting the UK economy and safeguarding jobs. To see how our STEELflow Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinders measure up click here or call us now on 01592 611123

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