Powerflow Unvented Installation Training Dates

McDonald Engineers is delighted to announce that they have lined up the following  Powerflow Unvented Cylinder training courses.

Thursday 30th August 2012

Wednesday 24th October 2012

Wednesday 12th December 2012

The BPEC Certified Unvented Cylinder training course provides delegates with a complete understanding of Parts P and J of the Building standards and allows them to identify typical faults associated with the installation and maintenance of unvented hot water storage systems.

McDonald Engineers also provide a factory tour to let delegates see exactly how the cylinders are manufactured and to soften the blow for plumbers and installers who have a legal obligation to complete the course every 5 years,

McDonald Engineers offer £75 worth of vouchers which can be redeemed against future purchases of its ECOflow and POWERflow cylinders. To find out more and to reserve your place contact our sales team on 01592 611123.

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