Mild Steel Buffer Tank

Mild Steel Buffer Tank

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its flexibility in supplying mild steel buffer tanks with two of their latest orders, which showed the true diversity in sizes with a 1000 litre tank and a 6000 litre tank.

The 6000 litre buffer tank was ordered to replace an existing tank for a school in the highlands whilst, the smaller 1000 litre was for a stately mansion in the Lake District.

McDonald Engineers UK has established a proud reputation for buffer tanks with its ability to supply a diverse range of buffer tanks in both copper and mild steel and from as little as 100 litres up to 10000 litres.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Clients enjoy our ability to advise on the best materials, the optimum size and the perfect design to deliver the required solution within the budget and timescale.” And with the growth of the renewable energy market, the growing demand for buffer tanks looks set to continue.

Jamie continued, “One of the key strengths of renewable energy sources is their ability to continue to deliver energy, e.g., by a wood burning stove on a cold winters day, solar thermal energy on a sunny day, or through heat pumps. However, that can also pose an issue when too much energy is produced, which is when buffer tanks come into their own with their ability to store excess heat which can then be used when the energy source isn’t producing.”

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