McDonald Engineers Cylinder Featured in Renewable and Innovation Centre

McDonald Engineers has shown its credentials in the renewable energy sector with the announcement it has secured the order to manufacture and supply the hot water cylinder for a Scottish Renewable and Innovation Centre. The high tech facility located at one of the UK’s leading renewable energy parks, has been purpose designed to create high quality work space in a low carbon facility and will feature one of McDonald Engineers POWERflow Commercial Heat Pump Cylinders. McDonald Engineers has established itself as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hot water cylinders for renewable energy applications such as solar, heat pumps and wood burners, however this latest contract reinforces it reputation even further. McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, who was delighted to win such a prestigious contract in the Renewable Energy Sector, explained “The Renewable and Innovation Centre has set out to provide incubator units for firms looking to enter the renewable energy sector and as such is looking to make a statement with its construction.” He continued, “Having made our first cylinder  for solar energy back in the late 1970s, we have come an awful long way to where we are now, during which time the technology has changed dramatically. However copper’s position as the preferred material for renewable application has remained constant throughout thanks to its unique properties, including superior thermal transfer properties, as well as it unrivalled ability to kill bacteria such as Ecoli and Legionella.” To find out more about McDonald Engineers range of hot water cylinders for renewable energy sources click here or contact us now on 01592 611123

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