McDonald Engineers Invest Further in Rectangular Tanks

McDonald Engineers has stepped up production of its CUBEflow rectangular hot water tanks and announced it has invested in additional equipment as it looks to meet the growing demand for its system. The move comes after the successful launch of its CUBEflow range and the appointment of Doug Rogerson who is overseeing both the development and the technical sales of the rectangular tanks. The company, which has been producing rectangular hot water tanks as a bespoke item for over 40 years, is aiming to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers and this latest move shows the commitment it is offering to the new product line. McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “We have received an incredible response to the CUBEflow, however this additional equipment will enable us to deliver an even better level of service.” He continued, “We have always been associated with superior quality hot water cylinders and it is vital we maintain the standards our clients have come, not only to enjoy, but now expect from a McDonald Engineers system. To find out more about the McDonald Engineers CUBEflow range click here or call 01592 611123

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