McDonald Engineers to Launch Rectangular Hot Water Tanks

McDonald Engineers has announced that it is to launch a range of rectangular hot water tanks following the appointment of Doug Rodgerson who has joined the company from Elson Hot Water. The appointment follows Elson Hot Water’s decision to move out of the rectangular hot water copper tank market after many years of producing high quality units. McDonald Engineer’s CUBEflow range of rectangular copper tanks will be available in a range of direct, indirect and thermal stores with full production beginning early 2012. McDonald Engineers, Managing Director, Bill Stewart, explained “We have been working hard on a number of projects to help extend our existing product range, however with the appointment of Doug from Elson, we felt the timing was right for the launch of rectangular hot water tanks.” He continued, “Doug not only comes with 12 years of sales experience from Elson, he also spent a further 12 years on Elson’s engineering side and so has a wealth of knowledge on both the technical and specifying sides.” Doug is now assisting McDonald Engineers production team refine their existing designs and production techniques to deliver the high standards that McDonald Engineers has become synonymous with

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