Hot Water Cylinder News

McDonald Engineers continue to blaze the training trails

Whilst home to some of the most experienced copper brazers in the country, McDonald Engineers recently undertook training from their brazing rod supplier. They provided an insight into the latest developments in brazing, as well as going over the advanced methods that the company employs on a daily basis. This method of joining metals using heat and a filler has been practised by McDonald Engineers for many years, however in a bid to continually develop and keep the standards high, McDonalds proactively set aside the time to hone their skills.

McDonald Engineers quality service secures contract from one of Edinburgh’s leading top hotels

McDonald Engineers are proud to have won a recent tender to supply a leading top hotel in Edinburgh. Based not only on the high quality of the Copper Hot Water Cylinders that they produce, but on their competitive pricing, lead times and quality service. The order for two 900 litre Calorifiers, was to be delivered on a site where space was highlighted as an issue. For this reason, McDonald Engineers offered to insulate the units on site to maximise the capacity.

McDonald Engineers Offer New Low-Cost Lagging option on Calorifiers

McDonald Engineers have responded to the changing market requirements with the introduction of a new low cost lagging option on its range of calorifiers. The new low cost lagging uses foil-backed rockwool insulation to deliver a GWP rating of <1, making it an ideal solution for commercial environments. McDonald Engineers have continued to maintain their position as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of hot water cylinders thanks to their ability to remain one step ahead of the competition when it comes to new products.

Plate Heat Exchanger

PLATEflow system scores top marks by controlling peak flow rates in school sports centre

 Pupils were not the only ones to gain top marks in school recently as McDonald Engineers helped a client who was faced with the challenge of providing a buffer for a short period of peak demand linked with a Plate Heat Exchanger to provide a steady flow rate.

McDonald Engineers worked with the client, providing their expert advice and guidance to assess all the alternatives before developing the perfect solution using their PLATEflow system.