World Heritage Site calls upon McDonald Engineers

McDonald Engineers has added World Heritage Site and the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace, to its growing portfolio of clients with the installation of a number of their ECOflow heat pump cylinders. Designed specifically to work with heat pumps, the ECOflow is quickly becoming increasingly popular in both the commercial and residential sector. Sales Director, Jamie Stewart said “The industry is starting to turn with a notable increase in the number of heat pump cylinders being installed.” He continued “We have long preached the benefits of using Copper cylinders but with Heat Pump technology, Copper really does come to the fore” Copper’s thermal conductivity rating is almost 30 times greater than that of stainless steel which helps to optimise the heat transfer process and maximise efficiency. So, not only will Blenheim Palace be helping to conserve this national site of interest but they will be helping to conserve the environment and their long-term budget too! To discover the benefits of using Copper cylinders over stainless steel click here

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