McDonald Engineers Increases Minimum Specification for Its Thermal Stores

Thermal Store

McDonald Engineers has once again reinforced its position as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of copper hot water cylinders by increasing the specification of its standard Thermal Stores to deliver maximum performance. The move comes following extensive trials with its market leading THERMflow Thermal Store, over the last 12 months where the company measured the response from clients and the effect on performance. The THERMflow is now manufactured from a minimum of 1mm thick copper and features an extended length secondary coil for all units. This is a significant increase in specification from many copper cylinder manufactures which tend to offer a standard Thermal Store manufactured from 0.7mm thick copper and with far less coil surface area. The units are supplied with a Check Valve, Y strainer, Mixing Valve, Jetseal Maintenance Free Ballvalve, Copper Float, Connecting Pipework and Immersed Cylinder Thermostat. These decisions buck the trend in the industry as many copper cylinder manufacturers look to decrease the specification of their units in order to offset the rising cost of raw materials. However McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, believes that the improved performance, cost effectiveness and reduction in potential defects are worth the investment, commenting: “The increase in thickness of the copper by as much as 75% more than competitors means that our cylinders are far more resilient and cope far better with the daily rigours, such as aggressive water conditions. When a sealed system primary coil is fitted, we use 9 or 12m of Finned Coil compared to other manufacturers who use 4.5 or 6m. This will reduce the heat up period and also reduce boiler cycling with all its associated benefits.” The additional length of copper coil also means McDonald Engineers can deliver a dramatic improvement on the overall performance of the cylinder, enabling it to provide higher flow rates than competing products. Jamie continued, “We have received a superb response from clients since we began the trial who have seen tangible benefits from the improved flow rates and the improvements in running costs the new standards deliver.” With Thermal Stores tending to be used in projects where energy efficiency is a key focus, McDonald Engineers believe that their uncompromising approach to quality and performance will appeal to designers, clients and contractors alike.

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