McDonald Engineers See Rise in Demand for Back Boilers


McDonald Engineers has reported an increase in demand in its copper back boilers as a result in the growth in wood burning stove market and the tendency  of restoring and installing the original coal fireplace in the UK’s homes. Coal and wood are becoming a cost effective solution for helping heat properties.  There has been a significant increase in not only fireplaces but also solid fuel stoves, which can also be linked to McDonald Engineers THERMflow Thermal Storage unit to provide hot water and heating. The company has been one of the UK’s market leaders in copper manufacturing since 1946 and is at the forefront of copper cylinders for the renewable energy market thanks to its unrivalled ability to produce bespoke units. Manufactured from a minimum of 4mm copper for maximum durability, McDonald Engineers has carved out a real niche in the market place with its ability to supply not only common block boilers, but also more complicated items such as Junior Quick Heat and Arch Flue Back Boilers. McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, “We have continued to sell replacement back boilers on a fairly regular basis over the last 20 years or so, however the last 12 months has seen a significant rise in demand.” For more information and to request a quote, contact us now.

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