McDonald Engineers Supply First Mild Steel Buffer Vessel

Steel Buffer Vessel

McDonald Engineers has reinforced its position as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hot water cylinders by supplying its first mild steel buffer tank. Used in conjunction with Solid Fuel Systems, where the heat is dumped and stored in the buffer tank then used throughout the rest of the day. This cuts down on the length of time the boiler is on and therefore reduces the associated cycling costs etc. There is also a requirement for buffer tanks for Heat Pumps and the smaller units offer an option for this type of installation. Normally associated with the manufacturer of copper hot water cylinders, McDonald Engineers has developed an enviable position in the marketplace for its product quality and service, however this new product opens a new chapter in the company’s history. The move will see McDonald Engineers offering a range of steel buffer tanks from 100litres to 10,000 litres with 50mm or 100mm jackets in addition to its range of copper vessels which are available up to 4000 litres. Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, said “We have been exploring the steel side of things for quite a while and we see the buffer vessels as the first step into this rapidly growing market.” He continued, “The initial price is extremely important in the current climate.  Where primary water is being stored, there is not the same requirement for copper and its huge benefits for potable tap water.  Steel is an excellent alternative and cost effective option. From the extensive research that has been carried out, we believe we can be competitive in this market and we are currently in discussions with a number of customers about this exciting new development in our product range.” Check out the buffer tank range  or call the McDonald Engineers technical sales team on 01592 611123.

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