McDonald Engineers Launch Nothing Hotter Than Copper Campaign

Copper Poster

McDonald Engineers has unveiled its “nothing hotter than copper campaign” to promote the advantages available from using copper cylinders in comparison to other materials such as stainless steel. As part of the campaign, McDonald Engineers, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of copper hot water cylinders, has produced a report which highlights the superior performance offered by copper cylinders. The report details the fact that copper has a thermal conductivity which is 30 times greater than that of stainless steel and material properties which dramatically reduces the time required to heat the water in the cylinder and so the long term running costs. It also illustrates copper’s superior bacteria killing properties which are a key factor when used in conjunction with renewable energy sources that can tend to generate a little less heat that traditional fuel sources. McDonald Engineers, Managing Director, Bill Stewart, explained “Copper has been a key material for centuries however its natural properties make it anything but outdated in terms of the performance benefits it can bring to even the most sophisticated construction projection.” He continued, “We are determined to make everyone involved in the construction process from architects and specifiers, through to contractors and installers and indeed end clients, understand the impact that this one material can have on reducing long term running costs and reducing the risk of bacteria and infection.” Download the report now or contact us to request your copy.

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