McDonald Engineers Launch New THERMflow Brochure

THERMflow Brochure

McDonald Engineers have launched a new brochure to support the changing market demands of market leading thermal store, THERMflow. Thermal stores are becoming an increasingly popular solution for hot water cylinders, not only because of its ability to deliver mains pressure hot water with limited maintenance implications, but also its ability to handle multi-fuel and renewable energy installations. Add in the superior heat transfer and bacteria killing properties offered by copper together with McDonald Engineers world class service, and it’s easy to see why the THERMflow is becoming one of the most successful Thermal Stores on the market today. McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “The increase in energy costs has quite literally fuelled the demand for alternative heat solutions such as solar, heat pumps and wood burning stoves. And as people look to maximise the efficiency of their heating systems, they are exploring every means of recovering any heat available” He continued, “Our experience in multi-fuel installations is widely respected in the market and our clients have come to rely on the advice and expertise provided by our technical sales team to deliver the most effective and efficient solution possible.” The THERMflow system is available in a wide range of sizes however McDonald’s custom designed service enables clients to tailor the cylinder to their exact requirements with multiple coils, positioning of connections and sizing. To find out more and to download your brochure click here or call McDonald Engineers technical sales team on 01592 611123 to discuss your requirements